The Quranic Guidance in collaboration with
Islamic Center of Centerville Presents

The Quranic Guidance in collaboration with
Islamic Center of Centerville Presents


QURANIC ARABIC 102 is the second level of our comprehensive Quranic Arabic Course. Building upon the foundational knowledge gained in Quranic Arabic 101, this course is designed to further enhance your proficiency in understanding and engaging with the Quranic text.

In Quranic Arabic 102, we will delve deeper into the intricacies of Arabic grammar, expand your vocabulary, and refine your skills in comprehending the nuanced meanings embedded in the verses of the Quran. This intermediate level will challenge you to explore more complex structures and themes within the Quran, allowing you to uncover the profound layers of wisdom and guidance.

Throughout the course, our experienced instructors will continue to provide valuable insights into the historical and linguistic context of the Quran, enriching your understanding and enabling you to approach the text with greater depth. The interactive lessons, engaging practice exercises, and meaningful discussions will foster a dynamic and supportive learning environment, allowing you to connect with fellow learners on this enlightening journey.

By the end of Quranic Arabic 102, you will have honed your skills to a higher level of proficiency, equipping you with the tools to read, comprehend, and reflect upon the Quran with increased confidence. This course is a crucial step in your ongoing exploration of the beauty, depth, and significance of the Arabic language as it relates to the divine revelations. We look forward to accompanying you on this enriching and transformative journey through the sacred words of the Quran.


At a Glance

Duration: 4 Months
No Age Limitations
Qualified Instructors
In-Person Classes
For Brothers Only


In this level, we will cover the the following topics:

  • Jumlah Ismiyyah 102 Mechanics:
    » Components of Jumlah Ismiyyah.
    » Connector Particles.
    » Abnormal Sentences.
    » Complex Sentences.
    » Grammatical Agents affecting the Mubtada’ (الأفعال الناقصة)
    » The Compound اسم – the اسم موصول
    » Question Words.
  • Jumlah Fi’liyyah 102 Mechanics:
    » Commanding/Forbidding Level 2.
    » Particles (حروف) specific to Jumlah Fi’liyya.
    » Categories of Details (مفعول)
    » Components & Sequence of Jumla Fi’liyya Level 2.
    » Abnormal Sentences.
    » Complex Sentences.
    » Active vs Passive Verbs.
    » Negation.
    » Conditional Sentences.
  • Morphology (Sarf):
    » Intro to Sarf.
    » 10 Big Families.
    » 6 Small Families.

Note: The course outline may be subject to change based on the instructor’s discretion and the availability of time.

Note: Classes will be on break for Ramadan & will resume afterward.

Schedule: Feb 12 to March 5, April 29 to June 4, July 1st to August 6.
Days: Mondays & Tuesdays.
Timing: 8:00 to 9:00 PM.
Islamic Center of Centerville
10501 Success Ln, Washington Township, Ohio, USA

Read Arabic Fluently & Foundational knowledge of Arabic grammar.

12th February 2024

$100 monthly OR $400 $350 for complete quadrimester.

Note: We are flexible in fee plans. If you can’t afford the above mentioned standard fee then you can easily pay according to your affordability.

Meet Your Course Instructor

<strong>Molana Suhaib Khawja</strong>

Molana Suhaib Khawja

Instructor of Quranic Arabic Course

Hafiz Suhaib Khawja is currently a 6th year student at Falah Seminary. He studied the Arabic language at this institute (Falah Seminary), attended a 101 – 105 course series in Arabic before, and then further studied Arabic online as well. He’s taught Quranic Arabic a number of times before, and has taught some of the more higher-level sections of it as well, such as advanced Nahw and Balagha (rhetoric).

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