QURANIC ARABIC COURSE is designed to introduce you to the beauty, depth, and significance of the Arabic language as it is used in the Quran. Whether you are a beginner taking your first steps in learning Arabic or someone looking to deepen your understanding of the Quran, this course will provide you with essential tools and knowledge to embark on a rewarding exploration of the Quranic text.

In this course, we will start with the fundamentals of Arabic, gradually building your skills in comprehending the Quranic text. We will explore the structure of Arabic words and sentences, delve into the richness of Arabic vocabulary, and uncover the principles of Quranic grammar. Through a structured and comprehensive curriculum, you will develop the competence to engage with the Quran directly, fostering a deeper spiritual connection and enhancing your ability to reflect upon its verses.

Our experienced instructors are dedicated to guiding you on this enlightening journey. They will provide you with insights into the historical and linguistic context of the Quran, helping you appreciate its timeless relevance. Alongside your fellow learners, you will engage in interactive lessons, practice exercises, and discussions, fostering a supportive learning community.

By the end of this Quranic Arabic Course, you will have acquired a strong foundation in Quranic Arabic, enabling you to read and understand the Quran with greater confidence and comprehension. You will also gain a deeper appreciation of the beauty and wisdom encapsulated in the words of the Quran, enhancing your spiritual journey.


At a Glance

Duration: 3 Months
No Age Limitations
Qualified Instructors
In-Person Classes
For Brothers Only

Level 101: Basic Level

The Basic Level of this course aims to provide students with the foundational skills needed to understand and engage with the Quranic Arabic text. This course typically covers essential grammar, vocabulary, sentence structures and other basic rules specific to Quranic Arabic.
In this level, we will cover the the following topics:

    • The study of the Arabic Language.
      • What is Quranic Arabic?
      • Importance and Necessity of learning Quranic Arabic.
      • Intro to Grammar (Nahw) & Word Forms (Sarf).
    • Types of Words & Basic Sentence Structures.
    • Understanding Changes to One Word.
      • 4 Properties of a Word:
        • i) Status.
        • ii) Number.
        • iii) Gender.
        • iv) Definiteness.
    • Multiple words coming together to form Fragments.
      • 5 Fragments:
        • i) Possesive – الإضافة
        • ii) Descriptive – الوصف
        • iii) Demonstrative – الإشارة
        • iv) Prepositional – الجر
        • v) Initiative – النصب
    • Multiple words coming together to form Sentences.
      • Noun Sentences.
    • Verb Sentences.
      • Past Tense.
      • Present Tense.
      • Commanding and Forbidding.

Note: The course outline may be subject to change based on the instructor’s discretion and the availability of time.

Sundays & Mondays, Between Maghrib & Isha Prayer.
Islamic Center of Centerville
10501 Success Ln, Washington Township
Ohio, USA.

1st October 2023

$100 monthly OR $250 for complete trimester.

Note: We are flexible in fee plans. If you can’t afford the above mentioned standard fee then you can easily pay according to your affordability.

Meet Your Course Instructor

<strong>Molana Suhaib Khawja</strong>

Molana Suhaib Khawja

Instructor of Quranic Arabic Course

My name is Suhaib Khawja. I’m a 5th year student at Falah Seminary. I’ve studied the Arabic language at this institute as well as before, and I have taught it a number of times as well. I’ve had the chance to teach some of the more advanced parts of it as well, such as advanced Nahw and Balagha (rhetoric).

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